Our Beginnings


Our first venture into the tiny house world was back in 2014 when Wendy suggested we explore building our own tiny house as an alternative to renting or a large, long-term mortgage to pay off from buying a traditional house. At first, I thought she was crazy, but after more research and discussion, I realized she was really onto something.

A year later, we were knee-deep in the planning process, struggling to find a sweet spot between quality and affordability. At the time, the movement was still in its infancy, and there were few products geared especially towards tiny homes. We knew a high-quality foundational trailer was paramount, and spent a lot of time wading through quotes that were both well out of our budget and not up to our safety standards. 

We became passionate about making it easier for people like us in our area to build homes on quality, safe, specialized trailers. Tiny Foundations Northeast was born, and we’ve spent the last several years working with DIY’ers and professional builders. We’ve been fine-tuning and optimizing our own trailer design to ensure our customers are building on a solid, reliable foundation.  Since our opening, we’ve expanded our offerings beyond foundational trailers, adding custom steel framing kits, sheathing packages, and ready-to-finish assembled shells. As we continue to grow, we are now offering complete, turn-key builds.

We are a truly small, family-owned business. The majority of our workload is completed by me and Wendy (with help from our enthusiastic toddler Eleanor and loyal dog Jane), and we have two part-time employees who help with our builds. We support other local small businesses when sourcing materials, components, and specialized labor whenever possible. We are not a big company focused on churning out as many homes as possible, with a focus on profits over people. Rather, we take the time to learn what it is that YOU individually need from your home. We understand that your tiny house needs to fit your unique lifestyle, preferences, family arrangement, hobbies, goals, and considerations for future changes. 

We understand how daunting all of the options you’re faced with for your tiny house build can be, and we’re here to support you through the process- offering suggestions from our own experiences while staying open to your own ideas. 

We are committed to our customers, and look forward to working with you on your next tiny project!

Christopher Steines
Co-owner, Tiny Foundations Northeast, LLC