Our Beginnings


In the spring of 2014, Wendy suggested to me that we look into building a tiny house as an alternative to continuing to rent or looking to have a large, long-term mortgage to pay off from buying a traditional house.  At first, I thought she was crazy.  Quickly, however, I began to think she was onto something with that idea.

A year later, we were amidst the daunting process of planning our tiny house on wheels, trying to figure out what to build our house on.  Living in Connecticut at the time and during the infancy of the tiny house movement, there were no quality tiny house trailer manufacturers near us.  We had equipment trailers quoted that might fit the bill, but those approached $11,000.  Far beyond what we wanted to spend for an affordable housing concept.  Finally, while attending the First Annual Tiny House Jamboree in Colorado Springs, CO, we found Trailer Made Custom Trailers and were floored with the trailer we found.

Even before speaking with Damon, we knew we were looking at the foundation of our future home.  The design was perfect for building a house on top of it.  The craftsmanship was immediately visible. Even at a quick glance and with no welding experience, we knew it was quality.

After putting the final touches on our building plans, we ordered our tiny house foundation from Trailer Made.  The shipping at that time was cumbersome, and luckily I had a friend who could tow the trailer half the distance from Colorado.  After some time building on the foundation, standing our walls, and getting nearly dried in, we knew we needed to help get these trailers out to New England and the East Coast so others could share in the unbelievable building experiences we had the pleasure of having.

After asking Trailer Made Custom Trailers if we could partner with them, Tiny Foundations Northeast was born.  We trust their welding, lifetime chassis guarantee, and foundation design to hold our forever home and have zero regrets.

Christopher Steines
Co-owner, Tiny Foundations Northeast, LLC