Framing your house our house can be frightening.  It is, after all, the structure of your home that will protect you from the elements and you expect it to not fail.  Our CFS kits and shells are fully engineered to withstand the rigors of keeping the outside in its place and the intense forces faced while driving your home down the road.  Take a load off and let us ensure your house will last a lifetime.

Why frame with Cold Formed Steel (CFS)?

Lighten Your Load

Life happens and plans change.  Whether you’re planning on traveling with your tiny house or not, build with weight in mind and always have a tiny house that can be easily towed.  Save 40-50% on framing weight as compared with traditional wooden framing, allowing you to tow with a smaller vehicle, save on fuel, and reduce vehicle wear and tear.

Increased Safety

Why fuel a fire?  Safety is of utmost importance.  Steel is naturally non-combustible and won’t feed a fire.  By utilizing other fire-resistant materials, make your tiny home as safe as possible.

Precision Manufactured

Every inch matters in a tiny space.  Our CFS frames are precision manufactured to your specifications, allowing you to account for every single inch.  We take your design, engineer the frame to meet code requirements, pre-cut and pre-drill each component for easy assembly, and provide you with a matching set of assembly drawings.

Fortress Strength

Not only do tiny houses need to withstand the normal forces exerted on a home, but they also face routine earthquakes and hurricane strength winds while being towed down the road.  Our CFS frames are 2-3 times stronger than a traditional wood framed house.  Make sure your house can survive what you throw at it.

Kit vs. Shell

Kits include:

  • Trailer Made Custom Trailers foundation
  • Trailer Made Frame Systems steel framing(walls, roof, and loft(s)) – 20 gauge steel
  • All screws and bits required to assemble framing
  • Safety gloves and magnetic parts trays
  • All hardware required to fasten framing to your foundation
  • Subfloor install hardware pack (subfloor screws, drill bit, driver bit, sill seal)
  • Dimensioned floor plan for a possible layout
  • Loctite Threadlocker
  • Sill Seal foam gasket with adhesive spray

Optional Add-ons include:

  • Closed cell spray foam floor insulation pre-applied
  • AdvanTech subfloor (installed or un-installed)
  • ZipSystem Sheathing or R-Sheathing package

Shells include:

  • All building components of the the kits, plus…
  • Closed cell spray foam floor insulation
  • AdvanTech subfloor installed
  • Panels fully assembled and fastened to your foundation
  • Zip system wall and roof sheathing installed
  • Zip system tape installed
  • Window sill flashing tape installed

Optional Add-ons include:

  • Upgrade to ZipSystem R-Sheathing with R3.6 continuous insulation
  • Installation of windows and doors

Ready to go? Here's how we can help.

Our Designs

Don't have a design?

No problem.  We have several designs drawn up, waiting for your personalized finishes.  These homes are available as kits and shells.

Custom Designs

Completely lost?

Being tiny makes the layout and design that much more important.  If someone else’s design doesn’t work for you, why be stuck with it?  Our design team can work with you to fit the style you like into a functional, efficient tiny home that works for you.

Your Design

Built to your specifications

Have a design in mind?  Even if it’s just a sketch, we can work with you to make it a reality.  Start getting your dream built today!