Ready to build but apprehensive about framing?


Framing your house our house can be frightening.  Every great home needs strong, healthy bones. Your structure will face intense forces while driving (think hurricane-strength winds and earthquake-worthy potholes), even if you move infrequently. Upgrade to engineer-stamped plans for added peace of mind.

Why frame with Cold Formed Steel (CFS)?

  • Lighten Your Load

    Life happens and plans change.  Whether you’re planning on traveling with your tiny house or not, build with weight in mind and always have a tiny house that can be easily towed.  Save 40-50% on framing weight as compared with traditional wooden framing, allowing you to save on transportation costs.

  • Increased Safety

    Why fuel a fire?  Safety is of utmost importance.  Steel is naturally non-combustible and won’t feed a fire.  By utilizing other fire-resistant materials, make your tiny home as safe as possible.

  • Precision Manufactured

    Every inch matters in a tiny space.  Our CFS frames are precision manufactured to your specifications, allowing you to account for every single inch.  Framing members are pre-cut, pre-drilled, and come with a corresponding set of assembly drawings. Upgrade to add engineer-stamped plans for added peace-of-mind.

  • Fortress Strength

    Not only do tiny houses need to withstand the normal forces exerted on a home, but they also face routine earthquakes and hurricane strength winds while being towed down the road.  Our CFS frames are 2-3 times stronger than a traditional wood framed house.  Make sure your house can survive what you throw at it.