Already have a plan for your dream tiny home? Let’s make it a reality!

Send us your plans. Whether you’ve already purchased or downloaded professional plans, or just have some rough sketches on a napkin, we’ll review your design and figure out the best path forward. We can give you an idea of pricing for a simple design in the size range you’re considering, and then estimate how your exact plans will impact those ballpark figures.

Which design features have the biggest impact on pricing?

Overall Sizing

It comes as no surprise that larger tiny homes come with a larger price tag. You can also expect to pay more for designs that exceed the standard width.

Roof Style

A simple shed roof will be friendly on your budget, while more visually engaging rooflines like a gable roof, dormers, or split pitches will increase the price.

Windows & Doors

Your windows and doors need to be paired with appropriately sized headers. Certain styles like bay windows will also require extra materials.