Are you lost in this tiny world?

We know how daunting the design process can be. Wendy and I went through countless revisions when designing our own home, and then a few more after that.

One beauty of the tiny house movement is the transition away from cookie-cutter houses. Your personality is unique, why shouldn’t your home be too? The challenge is making that style fit into a functional home. It’s not always easy fitting everything you need and want into such a tiny space, so efficiency is important. Layout and storage are key. Fitting your cabinets in (without breaking the bank on custom cabinetry) is like a giant Tetris puzzle.

We invite you to work with our designer to help you solve that puzzle while maintaining the style that appeals to you. The result is a beautiful home design with a functional floor plan.

Our team works with you, one-on-one for a reasonable rate. When you move forward with a CFS kit,  shell, or turn-key build, up to 8 hours’ worth of your design fee is applied to your purchase!