Our Tiny House Foundations


Our tiny house foundation trailers were designed as a foundation first, not a trailer.  Many tiny home trailers on the market are just that – trailers.  Our foundations are foundations for your home that can be safely and legally towed down the road.

While traveling down the road, your home will experience hurricane-force winds, over magnitude 5 earthquakes (can’t miss every pothole), and constant vibrations that can wreak havoc on a poorly engineered home.  By coupling standard building practices designed to withstand these forces with trailer design knowledge, our tiny house trailers are true tiny house on wheels foundations.

  • Lowest deck height

    24″ deck height provides the lowest deck height available with straight beam axles

  • Tubular steel chassis

    Tube steel reduces flexion in the chassis protecting your home from added stress and wear-and-tear

  • Fully sealed wiring harness with 100% LED lights

    Fully insulated wiring harness with fewer connections means more reliability and all LED lights mean no bulbs to replace

  • Correct axle and leveling jack placement for proper load balancing

    Proper load balancing allows for stable towing – Loading jacks are designed to lift AND hold the weight of your home making it more stable

  • Belly pan protection

    Belly pan flashing is pre-installed on all standard fendered trailers, providing ample protection from road debris without the hassle of installing yourself

  • Electric brakes on every wheel

    Electric drum brakes are on every wheel providing the stopping power needed to wrangle a 12,000+ pound tiny house.